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February 19, 2018

Carl T. Johnson Nature Preserve; No entry thru late spring 2018!

The Cadillac Area Land Conservancy (CALC) now owns the 40 acres formerly owned by Carl T. Johnson on 33 Road just past Benson Road. There was a meeting at the township hall last July that explained that for healthy forests there had to be a selective timber cut that would temporarily make things look worse before it got better.

That process will continue until late spring 2018 and until then – the public should not enter the property for safety reasons! Currently Cherry Grove resident, Steve Kalisz of Old School Forestry, is supervising the topwood removal. This is a labor intensive process that prevents the public from having access until it is done. For those of you looking forward to entering the property, we apologize, but we think it will be worth the wait.

Later in 2018 Steve has also volunteered to oversee making the main skid trails into an educational hiking path, with signage explaining certain ecological occurrences and other forestry and wildlife explanations. This long term process will truly make it a sustainable woodland and stewardship area for all to enjoy.

Cadillac Area Land Conservancy

Email: calc@landtrust.org phone (231) 775-3631