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May 25, 2024


CALC was founded by George Rock and Tom Rensberry in the fall of 1995. Both men had a strong land ethic and wanted to protect their property from future development. When the search began for an organization to partner with they realized that no one was concentrating their efforts in the west central region of Michigan. Thus they made it their goal to create a Land Conservancy to serve this area of the state and its broad variety of demographic and land use patterns. As founding members both individuals donated conservation easements on their lands to the newly formed organization.

CALC has now grown to include individuals, families and businesses that believe the protection of our lands is critical in retaining the quality of life that makes this region unique. Our goal is to enhance the beauty and diversity of our communities through the preservation of natural land.

CALC is supported entirely by people willing to give of their time, talent and financial support to attain the vision of protecting our natural and irreplaceable land resources. We are proud to be the steward of many beautiful and environmentally important properties, ranging from riverfront to farmland, lakefront, forests and scenic vistas. Join us in being caretakers of the land for future generations.