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April 12, 2024



Photograph by Jim Higgins

Photograph by Jim Higgins

Do you have some extra time? Are you looking for a worthy cause? The CALC Board of Directors is seeking people with skills and abilities who can bring their life experiences to this working board or volunteer for an hour here or there.

Volunteers are a critical part of any organization, and at CALC we are an all-volunteer organization.

Your help in any of the following areas would be most appreciated:

  • Walk the land after reviewing the written expectations for the property
  • Article writing and coordinating for the Newsletter, including emailed newsletters.
  • Education and public outreach
  • Researching and/or preparing grant requests
  • Natural Resource skills to assist with landowner contacts for potential Conservation Easements
  • Outdoor Maintenance skills for improving trails and habitats on our preserves
  • Computer skills that might include managing a membership database or QuickBooks

To volunteer, please contact CALC – you’ll be working alongside your neighbors to crate a legacy for our community!

Cadillac Area Land Conservancy
124 ½ N Mitchell
Suite 115
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 775-3631
or send us a message!