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May 25, 2024

Waldeck Island Nature Preserve

Photograph by Jason Rydquist

Waldeck Island is an eleven-acre preserve located on Stone Ledge Lake, and is open to the public for quiet sports such as hiking and snowshoeing. It is located a short distance south of Cadillac off M-115 and is easy to find. The entrance is off the end of Friedrich Strasse Court.

Once there, easy trails lead you through quiet woods, bio-diverse swamp land and to Stone Ledge Lake. It is relaxing, quiet and beautiful. Seeing a Blue Heron and other water fowl is almost a sure thing.

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View Larger Map

“This preserve is open to the public. Leave only footprints, but please come visit this beautiful property!”

Sandy Hansen Viewing Platform at Waldeck Island

signCALC thanked the Dick Hansen family on Sunday, October 23, 2016 for donating a wildlife viewing platform in memory of Sandy Hansen.

All who attended were impressed with the platform, the view, and many newcomers to the island were surprised how beautiful the walking trail is.  It’s so close to town and a gem where they will now make a point to visit. Be sure to stop by.

This viewing platform overlooks a wetland, offering views of a beautiful wetland and riparian habitats and their wildlife like ducks, geese, herons, gulls, eagles, deer, muskrats, mink, and many songbirds in adjacent shrub and forest habitat.