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May 25, 2024

CALC Location a Winner

CALC is located in the Masonic Temple Building

Have you seen the CALC office? We are in the Masonic Temple Building, above Atomic Closet (formerly The Apple Tree) on the corner of Mitchell and Beech Streets.

The Clam Lake Masonic Lodge is very good to us. The lodge is part of the “oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Making good men better under the brotherhood of man by the fatherhood of God.”

The lodge’s projects include juvenile diabetes, student-learning centers for dyslexia and speech pathology, Beacon Project of volunteers, Shrine hospitals and burns centers for children, and numerous local community and civic programs and projects.

For more information on the Masons, or if you need some nice office space, contact Ron Hamilton, our landlord, at (231) 775-2617.