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June 24, 2024

In Remembrance – George Rock

George Rock

In Remembrance of George Lee Rock  1925 – 2014

While we mourn the passing of George Rock, CALC’s Director Emeritus, we also celebrate his life—the life of a visionary. It was George’s vision of using a non-profit organization to preserve land that led to the formation of the Cadillac Area Land Conservancy.

He educated us by bending our ears every chance he got! He was a relentless believer in the cause and wasn’t afraid to tell the world about it on a one-to-one personal basis. George acted on his convictions, serving on the board until term limited out.

Margo Copley knew George as “Lee”, because at church he went by his middle name. Her family referred to Vicky and Lee as their “Church Grandparents.” They had no grandparents living locally and the Rocks always made a point to make her daughters feel special.

George introduced the idea of a conservancy to Margo over coffee after church and his enthusiasm was contagious. Margo says, “There has never been a better ambassador for the conservancy than George. He was the workhorse who made it tick and we owe it all to him.

We all hope we make him proud as he looks over us from above. We’ll miss you, George.”

George’s Conservancy Highlights:


1995 – George co-founded The Cadillac Area Land Conservancy with Tom Rensberry

1996 – George put an easement on Waldeck Island.

1998 – George put an easement on a lot on Friedrich Strasse Drive adjoining Waldeck Island

2001 – George established the CALC endowment fund in the Cadillac Area Community Foundation with a generous donation

2003 – George put an easement on a lot in Evergreen Platt with a view of Stone Ledge Lake

2006 – George put an easement on his 80 acre farm

2007 – George donated Waldeck Island to CALC turning it into a preserve open to the publicrock-Waldeck