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June 24, 2024

Volunteer Openings That Need You!

Vacation Coverage Office Staff:

Eight weeks a year, drop in the CALC office 2 days a week for an hour.  Days and times are flexible for covering the vacations of CALC’s Secretary, which are never more than two weeks at a time. Skills needed include retrieving emails and phone messages, Microsoft Word and Excel, and on the job training will introduce you to membership database software.  You will gain an understanding of what it takes to make a conservancy function.

QuickBooks Accounting Entry Back-up:

Drop in the CALC office once every two weeks for one to two hours of QuickBooks entries. Time frame is at your convenience.  On the job training will familiarize you with the CALC chart of accounts and how to classify entries. This position supports the CALC’s Treasurer, who will review entries and reconcile accounts. Correct money management assures the community that CALC is here for the long haul.

Email Newsletter:

CALC’s current Newsletter is hard copy. As an adjunct to this, CALC would like to begin a periodic e-newsletter using the membership database software to broadcast emails.  CALC’s current Newsletter Editor and the Face Book Volunteer would provide on the job training which includes gaining an understanding of what CALC’s communication objectives are. Webinars of current trends in the conservation community are available. This offers great flexibility as communications should only be sent when there is something newsworthy that supports the hard-copy newsletter. For a sample of how your involvement would get the word out for CALC, see newsletters.


Waldeck Island Preserve Interpretive Trail:

CALC has received funding that the board wants spent on an interpretive trail on Waldeck Island Preserve. The goal is to make the trail an attraction; however ease of maintenance is the highest priority. If you are skilled in computers, a possible goal is to place scan codes on trail signs for visitors’ phones to link to an interpretive web site.  Conservation expertise and a marketing knack are the essential skills.  This volunteer job can be done at your leisure, but enlisting the help of other volunteer organizations could be a plus.  Imagine your efforts being appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts for years to come.


You become part of a group that has meaningful mission which improves the community.

Retirees get out of the house on their own schedule and hone computer skills to stay challenged.

Working age folks enhance their resumes with a flexible schedule and relatively small time commitment.

For more information, please call us at (231) 775-3631 or email us at calc@calc-landtrust.org