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April 12, 2024

Oliver Family Preserve in Harrietta – Need Volunteer?

We’ve made improvements to the Oliver Family Preserve in Harrietta that will make your trip there much more pleasant! 

As you know, we have carved out a trail almost a half mile long with super water views much of the way. We spent hours pulling up roots and stumps that were tripping hazards. There are steps on both sides of the bridge over the Slagle Creek tributary. 

A bench donated by Ann Kahner overlooks this Slagle Creek tributary (located to the left of the new parking lot). It was provided by the Hansen Family Foundation and installed by E&S Construction. 



We are hoping for a good growing season so the new bushes planted in tubes will have a chance to provide habitat for animals. The front section was planted with rye and will be tilled under for planting of wildflowers and native grasses. This preserve was designed as a great place to go for quiet and solitude to regenerate from the daily stresses of your busy lives.

We are looking for a Volunteer: To keep the trail open and clear roots and plants that might trip people. Our conservancy owns a sturdy weed whacker that can be checked out of our downtown Cadillac office. Please see our contact information if you can help out!

This land is a small gem that has now become “user friendly.” We encourage you to visit it often to take advantage of this quiet woods and water oasis.